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We have a responsibility to inform and deepen the Catholic faith of the members of our community, so they can strengthen their own relationships with God and live fully as Christians in today's world. As a parish, we are a beacon of faith and fellowship in our community, and we will continue to pursue this vision as we plan for the future.


We have been blessed over the years by the hard work and sacrifice of so many staff, lay leaders, and parishioners. Their combined support has allowed our parish to thrive. Over the years, when they have been asked to give they have responded generously giving of their time, talent, and treasure.


St. Susanna has been at the center of Catholic life in our area for more than six decades, connecting families with the sacraments and each other. Today, our parish serves more than 1,300 families, with more than 500 young people participating in religious education and youth programs, and nearly 350 students in our school, which offers classes from preschool to 8th grade.

Parish & Community

St. Susanna exists not only as a destination at which parish families gather, but as a home from which we share God's love with the community. Opening our facilities to outside groups that need meeting space give us an opportunity to evangelize and encourage interest in our ministries.

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