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A parish community is a special type of family made up of diverse individuals who share a common faith.  As Catholics, we share responsibilities such as regular celebration of the Eucharist, a willingness to learn more about our Church and our beliefs, and prayerfully living our lives as examples of Christ’s love.  When our family has needs, we also share a responsibility to step up and help to the best of our abilities.

The plan we have outlined for this campaign really isn’t about bricks and mortar or buildings and grounds.  Instead it is about creating spaces that will allow us to embrace our Catholic faith and demonstrate our willingness to serve the Lord both within the parish and the surrounding community.  We have been blessed over the years by the hard work and sacrifice of so many staff, lay leaders, and parishioners.  Their combined support has allowed our parish to thrive.  Over the years, when they have been asked to give, they have responded generously.

It is now our turn to build upon the legacy they have created and prepare St. Susanna to meet the needs of this community well into the future.  We ask that you give thoughtful and prayerful consideration to this vision for our parish and school, and join us in this important effort to better serve our current family and the many generations to come.


Please contact me about the campaign; I have questions or concerns.

We would love to call or meet with you.  You may also call the parish office at 839-3333; or set up a time to meet with Father Glenn who welcomes your questions.


I am ready to make my pledge and invest in the future of Saint Susanna.




Saint Susanna Catholic Parish

1210 East Main Street

Plainfield, IN 46168


Pledges represent a total gift to the campaign which may be paid as a one-time gift; or with any amount down and the remainder paid over a time frame of your choice up to five years.  You may give by cash, check, or electronic giving.  Gifts may be made in memory/honor of a loved one.


Even if you are unable to donate at this time, please return a pledge card so that we know you have been included in our campaign.

Before the campaign is complete, all parishioners will be invited to participate.

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