Our Plan for Today and Tomorrow


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The expansion plan we have developed addresses four core directives–preparing today’s facilities to serve tomorrow’s needs; strengthening the Catholic faith of our children and adults; serving the community’s hunger for Catholic education, and sharing God’s love with the surrounding community. It meets both the immediate needs of our parish and school and includes additional flexibility and space to accommodate the inevitable growth we shall see over the next decade. It is a prudent approach that will not only provide additional space, but also will increase the utility of our current facilities. It is a flexible approach that carefully considered when and how space is currently being used. Most important, it contains no luxuries. Every aspect represent a prudent strategy to address both immediate and longer-term needs. The estimated total budget for all of these capital improvement is $2.8 million. The amounts have been estimated by architecture and construction professionals, and assume that we will use sound, practical, durable choices in both material and construction.

We need to add classrooms and multi-purpose space in both the school and church buildings to:

  • Create much-needed meeting and program space for current programs and ministries,
  • Allow us to offer more religious formation programs and family activities,
  • Provide greater flexibility in the use of the facilities, and
  • Improve building security during both day and evening programs.


The additions included in our plan of the church expansion will support such outreach to the wider community, and provide much-needed space for the parish ministries that conduct outreach:

  • Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the Pain Management Support Group will have access to more adequate space with better security,
  • Boy and Girl Scouting programs will gain additional flexibility for both regular meetings and special events with less conflict with school and CYO events and programs, and
  • Parish ministries such as the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Bereavement Committee, CYO Sports, Men’s Club, Gabriel Project, Women’s Club, Parish Festival, and the Young at Heart will have spaces that are more suited to their activities.

We intend to expand our church building by 7,000 square feet to provide additional space that can be used for many purposes, among them:

  • A space to accommodate groups of 100 or more for funeral meals, staff luncheons, baby and bridal showers, and wedding rehearsal dinners. This space could also be used by the choirs and musicians for rehearsal space when the church is not available and (with the addition of a sound system) as overflow seating for Christmas and Easter Masses.
  • An adjoining kitchen to accommodate these activities.
  • Dividable areas to accommodate religious education classes and ministries such as Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, PTP, Young in Heart, St. Vincent DePaul Society, Men’s Club, and Women’s Club.



While the growth is cause for celebration, it also creates many concerns. In simple terms, we are already beyond the functional capacity of the school building. Specific examples include:

  • Many classrooms and common areas already serve double duty during the school day, and then play multiple roles in the evenings and weekends to meet the need of religious education and parish ministries.
  • Students are forced to eat lunch in shifts at one end of the gym (with class being conducted in the other end), as early as 10:45 a.m. and as late as 1:00 p.m.
  • Parish activities such as funeral lunches compete with student meal preparation.
  • State-mandated online tests are conducted in the library, cramming students into close quarters and providing minimal privacy.
  • Our single conference room must accommodate meetings, speech therapy, and a much-used printer, while doubling as storage space for religious education.
  • With no dedicated band room to accommodate a full ensemble (and storage), students rehearse in small groups in a storage closet.
  • We have filled every available space for storage of equipment and materials.

To catch up with our current needs for space and provide additional room to grow in our school building, our plan calls for an additional 10,000 square feet of classroom and storage space, along with:

  • An additional set of larger bathrooms adjacent to the gym, allowing for separate restroom facilities for lower and upper grades, and providing changing areas for CYO programs,
  • A large multi-purpose area to relieve the over-scheduled current gym,
  • Improved safety and security measures, as well as a place to house children who become ill during the school day,
  • An additional dining area to reduce the time needed to serve students and to provide extra space for other parish and school activities, and
  • Cabinet storage in each classroom for religious education and school materials.


The estimated total budget for all of these capital improvements is $2.8 million.

The amounts have been estimated by architecture and construction professionals, and assume that we will use sound, practical, durable choices in both material and construction. The total includes:

  • $1,050,000 for additional multipurpose space
    This covers the addition of 7,000 square feet of dividable space for parish meeting rooms, funeral meals, youth and adult faith formation, and larger parish assemblies, as well as a small kitchen area.
  • $1,500,000 for additional classroom space
    This covers the addition of 10,000 square feet of additional classrooms for the school and Religious Education programs, along with space for technology and storage.
  • $250,000 for traffic safety improvements and parking lot expansion
    This covers the development of a new connection with the Meijer store driveway, allowing access to Dan Jones Road and Main Street (U.S. 40), along with related signage and landscaping. (A portion of these funds have already been invested in the expansion of the parking lot and drainage improvements.)

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